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First of all, I had the best trip of my life!! Every need and want that I had was satisfied with pleasure by First Step Tours. The individual attention to details far exceeded my expectations. I am still absorbing all the love shown. I couldn't have had a better company or a group of people to experience Ghana with. We learned about Ghana's history, the many different languages, visited Cape Coast Castle and received our Ghanaian names based on the day one was born! Wait! There's more. Everyone just gelled. From Gyasi, the experienced bus driver, to Angy at the helm... First Step Tours treated us as one big happy family. We were able to visit the schools where we presented school items (balls, books, toys, etc.) that we brought from the states. To see the joy, excitement and appreciation on the faces of these children was priceless. We were able to meet the Queen Mother and King of Kyebi. They welcomed us to their Palace. I was blown away by their graciousness. As a group we were able to meet and greet black royalty! Wow!!! First Step Tours is a must experience. I look forward to my next trip.

Darryl Parchment

This trip to Ghana has truly been an eye opening,, historical, emotional, enlightening experience that I shall cherish for the rest of my life. I’m still living this experience over and over each day. I’m so glad that my wife and I was able to take park in this awesome trip to Ghana

Valerie Williams

What an experience to step foot on Africa -The Motherland. Angy and her team provided excellent service catering to us each day. Noteworthy events: *Question /Answer period with King & Queen Mother. *Talking with Deaf teachers and Deaf students. *Seeing Volta River feed into Atlantic Ocean. *Too much to name!

My Odessa.

Cathy F Bowen

The tour was AWESOME!!! This was my first trip to Ghana and Angy and Team made it an exceptional memory. For the 10 days on the ground, we covered different regions of Ghana and were exposed to communities that would likely be excluded by other tour companies. I left feeling more educated and grateful for FirstStepTours attention to detail and team members' smiling faces.


I say this was an awesome amazing experience!! The moment our group landed Angy and team (First Step Tours ) was there to welcome us home. This trip was filled with history, spirituality, missions, love and family. Medaasi! If the opportunity present itself don’t hesitate. Looking forward to my next trip.

Barbara Chamberlain

This was much more than a tour! It was a cultural immersion! I went on tours in Alaska, Italy & Greece. I visited places of interest. It was great! I crossed them off my bucket list, and that was it. In Belize, we explored on our own, got a taste of the culture. That left an impression. This trip however was life-changing! Not only did I see points of interest, I EXPERIENCED them! It has left a great need to learn more about my history, my heritage and stay connected to my ancestors and their values! This is a 20 star experience!

Dwight D Calloway

It was my first trip to the continent of Africa. Words cannot express the variety of emotions I experienced. Angy and her team were amazing. Our tour group became my family. I feel whole. 10 days was not enough time. The beauty of the people and the landscape, incredible. Don't waste time thinking about going. GO HOME

Loretta Calloway

It was a great tour with opportunities to experience various regions of Ghana and cultural immersion experiences were extra special!! The staff was awesome! I had an opportunity to bring my ancestors back home, experience a celebration of life, marriage vow renewal on our Homeland. It was also a spiritual connection for fulfilling a deep longing I have had for so long, a sense of belong; I felt at HOME, connected with "Family", those gone before me, my present family and newly formed family. It was an awesome experience that words cannot capture what it meant to me. I feel so very humble and blessed to have participated in this life changing tour. God blessing always! Loretta

Cheryl Davis

1. I am so very happy and honored to meet & spend 11 days with the most Respectful, Caring. Knowledgeable group of people who lead us on this journey. 2. Attending to all our personal needs so you can be free to enjoy & comprehend all that has been prepared for you to experience. 3. We ate so much at Outstandingly Beautiful resturants. Where each place, the owners & staff didn't mind spending time talking to you & answering questions. 4.The Culture is So Rich you would have to go to Accra Ghana to experience for yourself. 5. The people of Ghana told us repletedly Welcome Home. We are so glad you came home. The atmosphere reeks with Great Truths & Stories told with Conviction. I hope anyone reading this testimony will get in touch with First step tours to prepare for travel to Accra Ghana to experience for yourself.

Doreen Stevens

I have been on many vacations, however this was my best ever. The knowledge I obtained, the beauty I've seen, the amazing chance to be surrounded by so much culture and wisdom.This would be the only way you could experience so much in this amount of time. Every detail was fulfilled. Your care and concern to accommodate every person was just amazing. I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience. Angy you and your team are one of a kind. Dr. Soaries and Dfree I thank you. My family members are ready to make the journey. Thank you and God bless!❤️

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