First Step Tours is a subsidiary of Delonix Company Limited. It was born in 2014 as a branch of the company to focus primarily on travel coordination services.



Delonix Company Limited was incorporated under the Ghana Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) in 2009 to offer varying services and consumable goods to the public.


Mission Statement

We strive to be a case study for best practices in the delivery of hospitality, logistics and information services in Ghana.

We aim to maximize stakeholders’ value, applying modern and advance practices to deliver the highest standard to satisfy our clients through reliable, affordable and competitive packages.

We have strong ethical stance and aim to be the undisputed first choice of clients in our market segment.


Identification of Need and Opportunity

Ghana is becoming more and more attractive to investors looking to enter the African market. Its rich culture and history also makes it a choice destination for tourists.

Ours is a beautiful tropical country that is steadily growing in the eco-tourism sector too.

Delonix recognizes a need to provide full service packages that will make a visit to this country easy and convenient for individuals, families, business executives, groups, etc.

We present visitors with an unparalleled opportunity to have a reliable way of entering the country, attending to all matters of interest, and then leaving with the satisfaction of having had a successful visit.

Our specially designed packages will meet the needs of any foreign national wanting to visit Ghana over any period of time.

Our courteous and well-trained staff is always ready to provide support in selecting the best package for your requirements.