Local Transport



We offer a good variety of local transportation to meet your needs and your budget.
Most rentals in Ghana come with a driver inclusive.  Self-drive options also available.


This can seat 3 people, but is ideal for 2.
Perfect for business executives, couples and small families wanting to ride in a combination of comfort and luxury to meetings, lunches or dinners, attractions, etc. within the city and its outskirts.
SUVs and Four Wheel Drives
A good way to travel anywhere in Ghana by road. These will seat from 2 to 6 people comfortably depending on your needs and volume of luggage.
Highly recommended for small group arrivals.
These will seat 5 and 12 people. The size we recommend will be determined by a need to comfortably seat all passengers and hold all luggage as well.
 Tour Buses
These buses will comfortably hold any number between 10 and 40 persons. Volume of luggage will often determine what size of bus will be recommended regardless of the number of seats required.
 Reduce your travel time to only a fraction and avoid the bumpy roads by opting for one of the following:
Commercial flights
Private jets
Helicopter services
*Subject to availability for preferred local or regional destination.